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‘MYTH’ Manga Series (English)


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MYTH (english) is released december 6th 2021!
We’ll ship the books mid november. Please consider that worldwide shipping can take several weeks!

MYTH is a story about a ragtag trio consisting of the young boy Black, his pet bird Pep and their new acquaintance Arizona.
All three of them are so called ‘Soulmates‘ – beings that have a spiritual connection to a certain mythical creature.
One day at summercamp, where all three of them get to know each other, Black gets contacted by his soulmate for the first time:
One of the four mighty Dragons – Leviathan.
He fills Black in on his goal: To defeat the 3 other dragons and thus freeing the Leviathan from his Prison.
In order to be able to fight the other dragons, the Leviathan grants Black the power of mythical creatures – MYTH.
And he’s in dire need for this power.
Because the other three dragons and their soulmates are already on the hunt for Black and his friends…
This manga series is concluded with the first Arc (Volume 6).
At the moment, there is only one Volume translated.
The other Volumes of MYTH will be translated and available in 2022


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DINA 5 (148 x 210 mm)


Art & Execution by Marcel Kühn
Story & Idea by Tobias Neu

Reading Direction

Japanese reading direction (From right to left)